Be the best athlete you can be with Team Elevation’s Speed and Athletic Performance Academy.

We specialize in all sports training for team, small group and individual sport specific training for youth to professional athletes.
• Comprehensive Sport Specific Training Plans
• Addressing and Correcting Imbalance and Weakness
• Maximizing Performance, Conditioning and Specific Needs of Sport and Position Played
• Maintaining High Standards
Training programs components
• SAQ (speed, agility, quickness)
• Flexibility
• Stabilization, Balance and Core Strength
• Power, strength and explosiveness
• Nutrition and Recovery


Our trainers are highly qualified, certified professional coaches and fitness leader who are committed to helping you succeed. We also bring real life experience from being former Professional and Collegiate athletes to add value and experience to our clients. Our goal is to get you the results you want by setting clear and obtainable goals, teaching, motivating and empowering you with cutting edge training from some of the best trainers in the industry.
Elevation Fitness offers the leading methodology in integrated performance training that prepares any level of athlete to not only compete at optimum levels, but to help reduce the risk of injuries. We are an advanced, cutting edge facility that is setting new standards by using scientific research and technology to combine traditional training philosophies with function performance techniques. The result is superior programs that systematically progresses athletes of any level from a foundation of joint integrity and injury prevention, through explosive strength training and ultimately fine tuning agility and athletic speed.


Today’s competitive sports environment demands that athletes become more specialized in order to achieve higher levels of success. Through Sport Science, it has been proven that adding sport performance training to sport specific training provided by coaches yields a far superior athlete. It is essential that modern athletes participate in some kind of advanced integrated training program to not only enhance true athletic ability but to be competitive at elite levels and increase opportunities to ultimately move higher in their sport be it Collegiate or Professional
Although different groups require some variation in training based on age, gender experience and physical maturity, training these foundations apply to all levels.

MOVEMENT MECHANICS: Functional Strength

 Basic Strength-The ability to single leg squat one’s own body weight as well as lunge multi directional with sound technique is a useful prerequisite and more applicable to an introductory level and also valuable in identifying and correcting bilateral strength imbalance. Additionally’ proper strength is required prior to “shock” types of plyometric and explosive training • Reactive Resources Strength Deficit • Speed-Strength


• Running Mechanics • Agility Mechanics • Acceleration/Deceleration /Change of direction • Arm/ Body Action When Sprinting


In addition to speed-strength and technique, the metabolic demands of competition must be addressed in training and testing. The specific conditioning needed to execute technical assignments, and continue to perform at peak levels throughout the duration of the game.


Athletes of different gender and ages require a systematic training approach which starts from fundamentals, development, refinement, and periodization to developing advanced training for physical, technical, tactical and mental components. Programs are designed with BC AND National protocols in mind and athletes will be compared to standardized levels set by the respective organizations mentioned.