ROOKIES 7-10 yrs old

ROOkies7Athleticism Balance Coordination 

Focus on Bodyweight exercises, Proper Running & Movement Mechanics

Positive reinforcing environment

Mental Foundation:  

  • Character development, Building work ethic, improving self esteem

Athletic Development

  • Establish Core Strength & Flexibility
  • Development of Motor Skill and Movement Patterns
  • Strength training preparation through utilization of bodyweight exercises and functional lifting skills
  • Institute Speed, Agility, Quickness, intro basic plyometric and conditioning


ages2Focus on Progression athletic movement, Speed Mechanics, Explosiveness

Athletic Development

  • Intermediate Speed Dynamics
  • Acceleration Drills/ Velocity Skills/ Low level Plyometric Explosiveness
  • Improvement of Range of motion

Strength Enhancement

  • Low level explosive strength lifts
  • Low level absolute strength  exercises
  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Functional strength exercises
  • Address imbalances


1Designed to develop strength, power, speed and agility using advanced speed dynamics and olympic lifts mirroring Division 1 collegiate programs


  • Advanced linear acceleration speed dynamics
  • Advanced linear velocity speed dynamics
  • Advance linear speed dynamics
  • Intermediate level plyometric training
  • Intermediate level sport specific strength training
  • Advanced flexibility training
  •  Advanced prehab, joint stability and mobility training

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