Gridiron performance provides specific training based on sport science provided by elite Certified Strength & Conditioning coaches, speed and movement specialist, kinesiologists and personal trainers. Our programs are designed to meet any level of team or player and in an 18,000 Sq. Ft facility designed for sport performance.


So, you want to be great?

You don’t want to stop at the varsity ranks. You have college dreams, and pro dreams. Well, ask yourself something, what are you doing to make sure you get there? Talent can only go so far. If you don’t put in the hard work needed, it won’t be long before you’re passed by someone faster, stronger or more agile.


  • Olympic Lifting & Total Body Strengthening
  • Speed, Agility, Quickness, Coordination & Balance
  • Nutrition Guidance
  •  Recovery & Rehab
  • Recruiting Guidance (over 12 years of experience with Division 1, 2 and CIS Colleges)


  • A professional experienced staff capable of working with all ages, skill levels and abilities
  • Experience; Including former players, coaching teams/ positions from youth levels to University
  • Facility and staff that based on Sport Performance
  • Individual  or Group Programming and guidance
  • Functional screening, addressing and correcting imbalances
  • Sport Specific, Functional Strength and High Performance Conditioning


  • Dominate your opponent with increased speed, power and explosiveness
  • Improved quickness and reaction to break on a ball or player
  • Combine agility and power to avoid or break tackles
  • Improved conditioning and endurance so you keep performing at high levels all game and season
  • Stay healthy and reduce chances of injuries
  • Improve confidence with new found power and athletic abilities

All workouts are designed by certified strength and conditioning coaches and athletes are pushed to reach their full potential.

Camps are designed to train alongside other football players. Training with peers creates a high energy, competitive environment comparable to practice, giving players and edge in the gym and on the field.

Experience the difference; book a free consultation so can see why our Sport Performance Program yields more results.

Kevin Phillips | Director of Gridiron Performance