Attention Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Rugby and all other sports!


You don’t want to stop at the varsity ranks. You have college dreams, and pro dreams. Well, ask yourself something, what are you doing to make sure you get there? Talent can only go so far. If you don’t put in the hard work needed, it won’t be long before you’re passed by someone faster, stroThis program is designed for any athlete who wants to increase their Sport Speed to help them dominate in the sports arena. Elevation Speed School is made up of the highly tuned skills of speed, quickness, agility, power and change of direction. These are skills that can be developed with the proper training and program design to help you in your upcoming season! The mechanics of speed that an athlete must develop in order to optimize playing ability include:

Linear Speed

– the average straight-ahead speed sprint is 10 – 12 yards.

Lateral Change of Direction

– athletes must be able to move quickly in any direction throughout a game. The key element is to be able to maintain high speed through all these changes of direction.


– players must be able to start and stop quickly to avoid the opponent without losing any momentum!

Power and Acceleration

– athletes must be able to build to their top speed very quickly and frequently throughout the game. In order to help our athletes acquire these attributes, Elevation Fitness has developed:


Speed Drills:
Athletes will learn form-running drills to enhance linear and lateral speed. A multitude of drills!
Power Development:
Power is defined as “the rate of force x strength”.

Acceleration Training:
The key to winning games is a player’s ability to get from one spot to another in the shortest amount of time.

Quickness and Agility:
Quickness and Agility includes the ability to react, recognize, and then move in the right direction while maintaining optimal high speed.

Footwork Drills:
Athletes will be introduced to the speed and agility ladders to improve all aspects of footwork.

Dynamic Flexibility:
Flexibility is one of the most under looked at aspects of training but it is one of the easiest ways to improve performance. A longer muscle will contract more completely thus generating more force.