Website Initial Development & Planning Form

This worksheet is designed as a basis to develop options and pricing for your quote/proposal.  This worksheet will also provide an effective means for you to identify the content and functionality required on your website along with specific support services that may be needed from Team Elevation.  It will be helpful to reference this worksheet during a project consultation.

I.  Organization and Project Overview

II. General Content
Complete each section including a page count for each item so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate.
NOTE: One page of web content is equivalent to a 1 page Word document with 1-inch margins in 10 pt Arial Font.
FORMS - please indicate online forms you will need to collect data from visitors / members or to purchase products. Each form will email the form content to a specified email address.
III. Graphics & Media
Will there be a Media section? (If No, skip to Site Management & Admin section)
IV. Site Management & Admin
Please indicate which scenarios you anticipate for administering information on your site and establishing the hosting, email and database services needed.
Site Hosting
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